Easter is coming, it’s time for a new beginning. Again.

Well, hey—it’s the return of the prodigal blogger!

Although I’d love to have more time for this, it’s been challenging in the last few years to make any real traction. The fact remains that I am passionate about Mary Magdalene and everything about her, historically, textually, artistically and more. There is so much I’d like to write and so precious little time to do it, it seems.

So, I was thinking. Often when I reflect on how little attention I’ve given to my Mary Magdalene work (which is more than this website and blog), I tell myself that I won’t have enough time to accomplish what I really want to do until I’m retired. It will be my retirement occupation, I tell myself, to study and write about Mary Magdalene. But—given that I’m going to be working at least another fifteen years, that’s just a ridiculous prospect. Why on earth would anyone not pursue their passion, if the flame still burns, even if they can only do so in fits and starts?

This blog is the very definition of “fits and starts,” it seems, but I’m here, I’m alive, and I’m still buried under projects. I have fantastic MM books waiting to be read and reviewed, other bloggers to catch up with, there are more movies to watch than you can imagine (and a new one coming out this year, I hear!), thoughts to be thought and many, many words to be written.

Best of all, there are people to talk to. As I worked on updating the site (did you notice? It’s all bloggy now!), I waded through 2000+ pending comments, only about 30 of which were actual comments from real, live people. Those 30 comments were precious though. As I read through them I realized that I would love to spend some time answering a few of the questions that were asked. I think that might be my next blog post.


About Lesa

When Lesa learned in 1997 that there was nothing in the Gospels that said Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, she hit the books and started Magdalene.org a year later. Since then she has had the good fortune to have written a book, been featured in Newsweek, spoken on NPR and appear in a documentary with some of her favorite MM authors.

One thought on “Easter is coming, it’s time for a new beginning. Again.

  1. Lesa,
    I’m excited to see that you are not waiting until retirement to pursue your passion. I’ve long been fascinated with Mary Magdalene since my art history studies in college… and I look forward to following your work and learning more!

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